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Freelance Graphic Designer
with rich experience.


I have 20 years of experience in computer graphics. To this day I develop my skills and knowledge while I work on projects from marketing department. My career has let me to build the picture of three polish banks and two investment funds on the Internet.

The project of fusion of two leading Polish banks let me discover the rules and techniques of creating the image of the company on the Internet and get the knowledge in fields of Webvertising and Web Usability.

Knowledge of graphic programs:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Adobe InDesign

In the age of easy access to information, content is the key. However, the way of showing the content to the user is crucial, because it lets you get user’s attention. That is the role of design – the art of showing the content.


The only way to discover the boundaries of possibilities is to cross them and reach for impossible.
Many people see different things and ask: why are they like this? I instead, try to see things that are not yet there and ask: why would not they come into being?


First of all, unconventionally. Every project is a challenge, and understanting my customer’s needs is a priority. I use simple design which has proven to work very well and get me the acknowledgement of my clients. My prior target is a satisfied client.